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are you ready?!

10 Days in Punat on Krk in Croatia, September 2018, with Jan and my VW Up! to Milos.

because he owns a little apartment there.

even though it's quite embarrassing: don't forget your passport! Driver license, health insurance card or any other document or Visa cards with your name on it will let you get into Croatia - but not back out!

Yes. I knew that before. But I just recognized the missing passport when on the way back home. All three of us in my VW up! including the supboard and all our luggage on the boarder and the guy in his hut was not very friendly.

His Boss (a lady) would have let me cross the border; I look German, I speak German, the car is set on my name which is written on every document I carry with me, I have a picture of my passport on my phone. But, no, he won't let me cross the border. He wants me (or us) to go all the way to Zagreb, get a new passport in the embassy and come back. It is Saturday, embassy opens on Monday - how many days it will take to get a passport - no one knows. How much it will cost is a different story.

Milos´ organizes a overnight opportunity for me at a friends mothers house in Rijeka, they bring me there and go all the way to Munich without me - a 6 hours drive - so that Jan can sleep a couple of hours and come back to Rijeka the next day - with my passport.

That was 18 hours in total for Jan in the car; he who normally gets upset when it's two hours more then expected sitting in a car which doesn't go for 230km per hour in a few seconds and he only said "I wanted to drive home on Sunday anyway - for what being at home on Saturday?!"

Well, laundry is on me this time.

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