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sail croatia

1 Week sailing in Croatia, (Biograd - Cornati - Biograd), September 2017; with Joao, Linda and Jan.

because Joao can sail...

Memo to ourself, for the next time:

- Croatia is expensive - Water and Milk you better buy in Austria or at home. Not on a 8 Man Boat in the Harbour if you are only 4 Persons.

- a cheap 8-Man-Boat got it's leaks

- in September it MIGHT rain sometimes...

- some bread for the oven. very important.

- when buying fish on the fish farm: negotiate the price, or even better: don't send the boys, go yourself... 18€ is not cheap for 4 Sea Bream. And 200 Kuna are not 18€ but 28.

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